Top 10 Rolex Cellini Models

top 10 Rolex Cellini

The top Rolex Cellini models have distinct characteristics that make them stand out from other watches. From the Time, Date, Dual Time, Moonphase, and Moonphase/Day/Night, these timepieces can tell the world about their owner. This article will go over these features and how to choose the most suitable Rolex Cellini for yourself. This article will also include information on other popular styles. If you are a first-time buyer, start with the classic models.


The Rolex Cellini is one of the most popular watch lines in the world. The women’s Cellini Cestello watch is smaller in size and has a 26mm diameter. It comes in both quartz and manual winding versions. Some of the models are equipped with leather straps while others are fitted with solid gold brick-link bracelets. The Cellini Classic line first appeared in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The first models featured the Cellini Date and Time. Then came the timepiece Rolex Cellini Moonphase, which was one of the first moonphase watches ever made by the company.


The Rolex Cellini is a model in the Rolex collection that features a moonphase indicator. Its dial features a blue enamel moon phase indicator that rotates with the moon’s cycle. Rolex uses a small meteorite to represent the full moon and silver-trimmed circles to represent the new moon. These models remain accurate for 122 years. They also feature a pointer date and a scale that runs around the edges of the dial.

Dual time

The Rolex Cellini Dual Time is a model that features two distinct time zones, one of which is shown on a subdial at six o’clock. This model features gold-toned dials and a second pair of hands that can be used to keep track of your home and over seas time. The watch is also fitted with a day and night indicator. A silver or brown leather strap is standard with the watch, and an 18 ct gold buckle is included.


The Moonphase of Rolex Cellini is one of the most elegant and stylish watches of the brand’s latest collection. Its white lacquer dial is detailed with a stunning enamel moon phase disc. The dial also features a pretty star field between the two moons. The hands on the dial are also dauphine-styled and finished with a rose gold hue. This watch’s date is also displayed on an external track.


The full name of the Cellini Rolex Prince is the Cellini. This collection has five different models, each bearing a different Art Deco design motif. The most famous of these models is the Ref. 5440. Its yellow gold case, yellow gold hands, and yellow gold markets make it an extremely attractive timepiece. The Cellini collection is a great example of classical craftsmanship at its best.