The Top 10 Rolex Cellini Watches of All Time

top 10 Rolex Cellini

If you love vintage timepieces, consider buying a Rolex Cellini. These beautiful watches are available in a variety of styles, including the Moonphase, the Octagon, and the King Midas. Listed below are some of the most sought-after models. Which is your favorite? Find out in this article! Also, check out our list of the top 10 Rolex Cellini watches of all time!

Rolex Cellini Moonphase

The double bezel on the Moonphase of Rolex Cellini is particularly striking. Its inner part is round, while the outer edge is fluted. Both have the characteristic rose gold hue, and this is a striking combination. As with most Cellini watches, the bezel has a screw-down winding crown, making it easy to adjust the timepiece. This watch is suitable for both men and women, and its fluted edges add to its distinctive charm.

Rolex Cellini Octagon

The Cellini collection was first introduced to the market in the 1960s. Some of the original Cellini watches were gold. The gold-tone model, reference 50535, features a pointer date. Others, like the Cellini Prince, feature an Art Deco design. All of these watches are made of precious metals, most often gold and platinum. They are the result of years of careful research and are now considered classic pieces of wristwatches.

Rolex Cellini Prince

The Rolex Cellini Prince ref. 5443 is a distinctive dress watch that has a modern yet classic style. This timepiece features a double dial and a case that is highly decorated and masculine. Its modern look is influenced by the original 1928 Rolex Prince model. A black and red Guilloche dial and silver sunburst accents complete the look. The case is also highly polished.

Rolex Cellini King Midas

The Rolex Cellini King Midas was named after Elvis Presley, who famously wore it as a fashion accessory during his lifetime. It is a dress watch with a unique style, which has little in common with Rolex’s sport watch line. These watches were introduced in 1975 and continue to be produced today. The Rolex company was founded in 1905 and was inspired by three main challenges in designing wristwatches. The School of Horology in Bienne gave the wristwatches their first chronometer rating.

Rolex Cellini Dual Time

A popular choice among collectors of high-end timepieces, the Rolex Cellini Dual Time is available in various styles. Available in a white or black dial, black or silver guilloche dial, brown or everose gold, this watch is sure to please. Its scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and dual-time zone function make it the perfect timepiece for any occasion. Although retailed for about $15,200, you can save up to 30% on a pre-owned model.