Clone Rolex Cellini 50525

Clone Rolex Cellini

The patented crown design and flared inner lock of the Clone Rolex Cellini series make this watch a desirable replica watch. Whether you’re looking for a classic or formal replica watch, the Cellini series has something for you. This series features long, elegant Roman numerals and is a great option for formal wear. These watches are available in a range of materials, including stainless steel and gold-plated.

Replica Rolex Cellini 50525

The Replica Rolex Cellini 50525, also known as the “Cellini” watch, is a modern version of the classic design that was popular during the Renaissance period. The case is made of gold-plated stainless steel and features a black leather bracelet with a zigzag design. The dial is made of black ceramic, and the gold-plated bezel and case complement the case’s black leather.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel Clone Rolex Cellinie 50525 is a perfect replica of the original watch. The casing is gold-plated with stainless steel and features a zigzag pattern. While the dial is not as detailed as the real thing, its outer bezel is very appealing. The 39 mm diameter case is made of gold-plated steel and features a classic design that will surely turn heads.


A gold-plated replica of Rolex’s Cellini is available for sale. These timepieces are available in a variety of styles. The Cellini Quartz is made with a champagne dial and an 18-carat yellow gold bracelet. The dial features a black background with diamond hour markers, and the gold-plated case and bracelet are both made of durable materials. While the Cellini Quartz has a gold-plated case, the Cellini Orchid features a pink dial, bezel set, and green leather strap with a gold clinch.

Regular zigzag design

The original Cellini reference followed the classical, conservative aesthetic, but the 1970s saw a lot of angular and bold designs. Rolex designers like Gerald Genta injected new life into the line, creating new models including the Cellini, King Midas, and the ref. 4651. The original Cellini was such a cult classic that even its Clone was almost too perfect to be real.

Azulejo pattern

A high-end replica is characterized by a white or gold case that is adorned with a blue-steel date hand. The Azulejo pattern is reminiscent of Arab ceramic tile art, and it is one of the coolest timepieces on the market. The two outer rings of the dial are divided by a small, circular aperture, forming the date track and minute track. The center of the dial is adorned with a rose gold bar-shaped hour scale, dividing the dial lengthwise into two sections. The date hand, which is also a blue steel snaffle, stands out, as does the crescent-shaped end of the calendar hand.

Submariner dials

The replica Rolex Cellini was a slim gold watch with a manual winding movement. They were quite different from the fake Rolex Oyster watches of the same era, including the GMT-Master, Explorer, and Submariner. Cellini watches never had an Oyster case because they were not intended to be water-resistant. This made them very attractive, but they also had a price that was too high for the average consumer.