The Rolex Cellini Makes Our Top 10 Rolex Watches

top 10 Rolex Cellini

For the first time in years, the Rolex Cellini has made the list of our top 10 Rolex watches. A classic, elegant design and top-notch polishing add up to the overall appeal of this timepiece. And it’s made of solid 18K Everose gold. What makes it one of our top 10 watches? Read on to find out why. And don’t forget to check out our reviews of the other models from the brand.

Exceptional serviceability

The Rolex Cellini is a highly functional dress watch that is one of the most affordable models in the company’s entire line. The watch has been around for four years and has received excellent press for its classic styling. While it does not have a chronograph, it does feature a hand-wound movement and clear caseback. The watch is almost too perfect to look at. The incredibly precise hand-wound movement keeps the time very accurate and is capable of telling a time in seconds. It is exceptionally easy to service your Cellini.

The Cellini features a tough sapphire crystal, which is typical for luxury brands. This material is made from aluminum oxide, and is very difficult to scratch. It is also clear and reflective, making it a desirable option for any wristwatch enthusiast. The Rolex Cellini Moonphase also sports an unusual blue Parachrom hairspring that is durable and long-lasting. The moonphase bezel also gives the watch an elegant image.

Elegant design

Despite its simplicity, the Rolex Cellini is also highly functional and beautiful. The watch’s case is curved on both sides, and the bezel is knurled only on its outer rim. Despite its simple appearance, the watch is meticulously designed and features a soft, ethereal color called Everose alloy. Unlike other wristwatches, the Cellini does not sit still on your wrist. Moreover, its dial is oversized, making it ideal for your wrist.

As part of the Cellini collection, it features a moonphase watch. It requires only one day of correction for its moonphase, and the date can be read on the external track of the dial. This watch’s automatic movement caliber 3195 is chronometer-certified and carries a five-year warranty. The watch’s case is made of rose gold, and it boasts limited 50-meter water resistance.

Closed casebacks

The new Cellini collection features closed Rolex Cellini casebacks. Prior generations of this watch featured open casebacks. The Cellini is made of solid opaque polished gold, featuring an openworked rotor, blue Parachrom hairspring, and clay-red inverters. Other highlights include a double-anchored balance bridge and unsung finishings. In addition to the casebacks, the new Cellini has new dials that have distinctively Rolex designs.

The Cellini has a screw-down crown and coined-edged bezels with matching knurling. These watches have 50-meter water-resistance, which is much higher than the standard 30m dress watch. The two-tier bezels and screw-down crown are designed to be durable and comfortable to wear. This Rolex watch is water-resistant to 50-meters.

Solid 18K Everose gold

The solid 18K Everose gold Rolex Cellinie is a dress watch that comes in a 39mm case and is only available in that precious metal. The white lacquer dial with a blue hand and crescent moon tip shows the date. A blue enameled disc at six o’clock indicates the current moon phase. A small meteorite represents the moon, which makes this an excellent choice for the moonlover. It retails for approximately $26,750.

The Cellini collection was first introduced in the 1960s. It was a slim gold dress watch with manual winding movements. It was quite different from the more robust Rolex Oyster watches of that time, such as the GMT-Master, Explorer, and Submariner. Unlike these Rolex watches, the Cellini lacked an Oyster case and was therefore not built for water resistance.