Top 10 Rolex Cellini Moonphase Watches

The Rolex Cellini is an elegant dress watch, combining the robustness of a sports watch with the style and elegance of a dress watch. Although the Submariner is more popular, the Cellini line is the best combination of dressy and sporty watches. The Cellini’s dial doesn’t feature a space rock, but the ruggedness and elegance of this model make it the most popular Rolex.


The Case of Rolex Cellini is a dress watch collection from the brand. This model has only been around for four years. It is considered to be a classic timepiece and is quite rare to find in the market. The shape of its case is also elegant, unlike the traditional Oyster cases. These watches are also made of precious metals like white gold and platinum and feature gemstones. You can find a large selection of Rolex Cellini watches online.


The Rolex Cellini Moonphase watch has all the features of a modern sports timepiece, including a moonphase complication. This complication has been missing from the Rolex lineup since the 1950s, but a new generation of these watches have broken the jinx. The moonphase indicator is located at six o’clock and features a blue enamel dial with rose gold-colored accents. A meteorite applique adorns the full moon while the new moon has a silver colored outline. The moonphase allows you to determine which phase of the 29-day lunar cycle you are in.


The dial of the Rolex Cellini is distinguished by its dual time function, which allows the wearer to read two time zones at the same time. The central hour/minute/seconds hand indicates the local time while the second time zone is displayed on a sub-dial at six o’clock. In addition to the dual time feature, this watch also includes a day/night indicator and a small window with the sun or moon.


The Rolex Cellini price range is a good indicator of its quality and condition. The Moonphase White 18k Everose Gold/Leather 39mm costs about $25,000 to $30,000. The Cellini is not certified waterproof, but there is anecdotal evidence that it is. It may be able to resist the elements for 30 meters. A pre-owned Cellini watch may not be in perfect condition, but a high-quality replica will be worth its weight in gold.


The bezel on the Rolex Cellini is one of its most distinctive features. Unlike many other timepieces with diamond bezels, this watch’s bezel has a smooth surface. This makes the timepiece much easier to read. The diamonds are set in a circular pattern, so they do not interfere with the hands or the dial. This diamond bezel is also easier to clean than many other timepieces.

Case style

The Cellini is one of the newer collections from Rolex. Designed for special occasions and galas, the Cellini is inspired by the styles and details of 1950s luxury watches. There are three different styles to choose from, including a classic round case, a slim rectangular case, and a slim square case. The unique styling of the Cellini is just one of the reasons why the watch is so popular with collectors.

Dial decoration

Among all the purpose-built tool watches produced by Rolex, the Cellini collection is undoubtedly the most elegant. It features a combination of luxurious style and sophisticated looks, along with a broad assortment of designs. Introduced in the 1960s, the Cellini collection was a departure from Rolex’s usual sporty and rugged designs, and placed an emphasis on appearance. The Cellini began life as elegant dress-oriented timepieces.