Top 10 Rolex Cellini Moonphase Models

top 10 Rolex Cellini

The Cellini line has been whittled down to just one model, the Moonphase. This watch displays the moon phases and the date by means of a pointer. It is aesthetically similar to other high-end Swiss dress watches, such as Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin. However, unlike those brands, Rolex does not pretend to be a hand-built watchmaker. As such, it represents a reasonable entry into the world of high-end Swiss dress watches.


A celeste watch can be a great way to add some flair to your wardrobe. This Rolex model features an elegant black dial with the company’s famous Oyster case and robustness. The latest Cellini watch features a rare astronomical pendor. The Cellini Moonphase is an even more upscale model. It features a black dial with the Rolex logo on it every 12 hours.

The original Cellini was released in 1893, and the brand has been producing it ever since. Its design and appearance has changed over the years, but the name still resonates with fans of classic timepieces. The company now releases several different versions of the Cellini, including the Date and Dual Time models. In addition, it is no longer just a chronograph: the Cellini is available in many different materials and features. Although precious metals still make up its case, it is made of steel, stainless steel, and titanium.


The Rolex Cellini Cestello is one of the most popular women’s dress watches. This model has an 18k yellow gold case, a white enamel dial, and Roman numeral hour markers. This watch also comes with a brown leather strap and is backed by a two-year Rolex warranty. To learn more about this model, continue reading this article. You’ll be glad you did!

As far as its design goes, the Rolex Cellini Cestello is one of the best-known and most elegant watches in the company’s Cellini collection. These elegant dress watches feature a classic Rolex aesthetic, while being more sophisticated than previous generations. The Rolex Cellini Cestello retails for around $6,879 from a secondary market dealer. The price is significantly lower than many other Cellini watches, so don’t be afraid to spend a little more if you like the style.


The Cellini Prince collection from Rolex exemplifies watchmaking at its finest, while also embodying design in the purest sense. A watch of this caliber is a masterpiece of design and mechanics, and represents an artistic accomplishment. Its overall look and feel are consistent, demonstrating a consistency of aesthetics across case and movement. The work of world-class designers and technical experts resulted in the creation of these beautiful, functional timepieces. The series was introduced in 2005, and the Cellini Prince was produced until 2015.

The Prince of Rolex Cellini is an extremely rare watch. Its rectangular design and absence of the traditional Rolex details such as a fluted bezel and a link bracelet are striking features. The watch is also distinguished by its exhibition caseback and art deco aesthetics. In fact, it was the first Rolex model to feature a sapphire crystal caseback. This sapphire crystal case back allows its owner to admire the mechanical movement of the watch.


Until recently, the Moonphase of Rolex Cellini was the only moonphase complication that a Rolex watch had. It wasn’t until the 1950s that the moon phase complication was added to a Rolex watch. But the Cellini Moonphase isn’t just a different type of moonphase. It is a true beacon of horological hope.

The moon is shown on the dial of the Cellini Moonphase with a blue enamel disc at 6 o’clock. There is a crescent moon at the tip of the centre hand, and it rotates clockwise to represent the phases of the moon. The moon is also displayed around the dial, with the date on the periphery. The Cellini Moonphase has a moon phase indicator on the off-centre dial at six o’clock.